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About Us
The Association of Immigrants (AOI) is a not for profit organization, a company limited by guarantee formed to assist and support legal migrants within the UK . It represents immigrants of all nationalities predominantly from non EEA countries. The association works closely with various private and governmental bodies and organisations on immigration issues ultimately helping build a stronger, safer and prosperous UK .

The association firmly believes that legal immigrants are law abiding and hard working citizens and add value to UK and the local community. The association is not against Government policies but is against application of policies contrary to basic notion of fairness and equality thereby undermining the planned lives of immigrants.


The AOI is an organisation promoted by the HSMP Forum, which has made enormous contributions in issues related to highly skilled immigrants in the UK .

The HSMP Forum was founded in 2006 when the UK government introduced unlawful retrospective changes for existing highly skilled migrants. HSMP Forum took its name from the UK's Highly Skilled Migrant Programme which was introduced in 2002. The forum successfully appealed against the April and November 2006 retrospective changes in the UK Courts of Law and enforced the government to honour its obligations outlined in the legal challenges. HSMP Forum has been successfully campaigning and challenging various issues concerned with skilled migrants.

The HSMP forum has decided to broaden its scope to include and benefit all legal immigrants within the UK by bringing them under one umbrella. The Forum would leverage on its extensive experience and knowledge to benefit all legal immigrants who are struggling at various levels.

Aims & Objectives

  • To oppose unfair legislations implemented to disadvantage immigrants in UK.
  • To help and serve its members to attain common goals by providing a platform to communicate and coordinate.
  • To identify and represent various issues to government bodies and other voluntary and professional bodies on the problems encountered by immigrants due to changes in immigration laws.
  • To eradicate injustice and unfairness towards immigrants in UK .
  • To support and assist the UK Government in creating an immigrant friendly society.
  • To help its members in dealing with changes in immigration policies.
  • To promote activities of charitable nature that would help towards alleviating deprivation and disadvantage
The association is led by the committee, the committee members’ work on a non remunerative basis. The committee is further supported by volunteers in the working team. The committee is responsible for the day to day functioning of the association.

Executive Committee Members

          Amit Kapadia – Executive Director (Founder & Chairman)

  • Camillus Osubor – Head – Policy & Resources
  • Baskaran Kumarasamy – Head – Planning & Co Treasurer
  • Jehanzeb Khan - Committee Member
  • Kate Olson - Committee Member
  • Raj Ramdharee - Committee Member
  • Victor Abegunde - Committee Member
  • Muhammad Khalid Javed - Webmaster & Co Treasurer
  • Haoqing Xu - Committee Member
  • Dr Subbulakshmi Natarajan


Working Team Members - Research & Development and Communications
  • Thomas G
  • Karin Hyde
  • Usman Khalid
  • Chiranjibi Paudyal
  • Neide Rocha
  • Amol Karnik
  • Asha Krishna
  • Natalie Gantman
  • Annette Alcasabas
  • Abbad Minhas