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Successful AIT appeals - Tier 1 refusals

Documents concerned with HSMP Forum's April 2008 High Court Judgment;
Covering letter for your FLR Application>>

Please make necessary changes as per your requirement.
How to apply for FLR ? for those who got HSMP refusal earlier.

Guidance and Application forms for return of those who left UK after November 2006 HSMP extension criteria changes !! >>

Guidance and Application forms for migrants who did not apply for an extension of stay and switched to a different immigration category>>

New Application Forms for HSMP Extension as per HSMP Forum's High Court Judgment :
HSMP extension Application form >>
HSMP Review form >>
-- Dt 17th July 2008

- Dt - 9th July 2008

HSMP Forum's Judicial Review Judgement

Successful AIT Appeals

Immigration tribunal website

High Court Decision directing AIT for reconsideration:

Find a Solicitor

Note - You can ask your Solicitor to email us for necessary information for your immigration appeal against your ILR refusal. We recommend you to find your own Solicitors but those who cannot find Solicitors and are looking for some competent Solicitors or support for your self represented appeals can email us at

Old HSMP Guidance Notes
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